Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph

Tower Of Love  feat. Paul Randolph EP (Japan Editon)

Release Date : 2011-03-02
Format : Digital

Buy Now -> iTunes Japan

01. Original Mix
02. Extended Mix
03. Instrumental
05. Bun Remix
06. Bun Remix Instrumental


Tower Of Love ft. Paul Randolph / Keep Me Down ft. Angela Johnson (UK Edition)

Release Date :  2011-09-26
Fomat : 12″ vinyl / Digital

Buy Now -> iTunesBeatport

1. Tower Of Love (Extended 12″ mix)
2. Keep Me Down (Full Length mix)
3. Tower Of Love (Original Mix) – Digital Only

More info -> CLICK HERE




LifeAspect 2011/09/16

any other site besides itunes jpn where you can buy this EP?

admin 2011/09/16

It will be out in other countries on 26th September on Digital download and 12″.

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